Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for Success!

21 Ways to Enhance Your Image and Maximize Your Potential

by Gerry Reid

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Edwin Thomas & Sons, Publishers

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ASK for Success!

will . . .
is a . . .
answers . . .
helps you . . .
is filled with . . .
is written for . . .

is a new model for personal and professional development!

ASK for Success! 21 Ways to Enhance Your Image and Maximize Your Potential, by Gerry Reid, presents This model describes the motivation, training and education needed for strengthening self-confidence and increasing the desire to thrive and succeed ASK for Success! tells the "what, why and how" secrets of becoming a more valuable asset and resource to employer, community, family and friends.

"One of my life's dreams was to write a book, and I am very proud how this effort turned out! Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge for Success! 21 Ways to Enhance Your Image and Maximize Your Potential has been enthusiastically received wherever I have spoken. " - Gerry Reid

ASK for Success! - Objectives

Direct from the book:

ASK for Success! will help you discover ways to expand and enhance the "people side" of your personal and professional life. Its objectives are:

"The aim of ASK for Success! is to provide reasonable, simple, and easy-to-use techniques and strategies to answer these three questions:

ASK for Success! - Benefits of Reading

ASK for Success! will


ASK for Success! is a


ASK for Success! answers


ASK for Success! helps you


ASK for Success! is filled with


ASK for Success! is written for adults,

therefore, it is based on the three forms of adult learning:

  1. Motivation helps adults learn new Attitudes and answers "Why should I" questions.
  2. Training helps adults learn new Skills and answers "How do I" questions.
  3. Education helps adults learn new Knowledge and answers "What should I" questions.

Your Attitude Reflects Your Motivation and Answers "Why Should I Do It?" questions.

WHY should I study my Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge?

You should study ASK for Success! so that you can


Your Knowledge Reflects Your Education and Answers "What Should I Do?" questions.

WHAT should I do to achieve success through my Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge?

To achieve success, be certain that you:


Your Skills Reflect Your Training and Answers "How Do I Do It?" questions.

HOW do I activate appropriate Attitudes for success?

HOW do I sharpen strategic Skills for success?

HOW do I kindle relevant Knowledge for success?

By getting your copy of ASK for Success! and reading it! Take a look at the table of contents, the objectives and benefits of ASK for Success! It will give you an idea of the specific things that will activate, sharpen, and kindle your abilities. By learning the details and following the examples in each chapter, you will be well on your way to discovering exactly how you can have a successful career and a happy personal life. Both are possible and both are necessary for a healthy and peaceful life. Order your copy of ASK for Success! today.

ASK for Success! - Table of Contents

PART I -- The Foundations of Success

PART II -- Five of the Six Elements of Success

PART III -- Twenty-One Strategies for Success

Part IV --The Final Element of Success


ASK for Success! was written by Gerry Reid, a dynamic and popular speaker at conventions, conferences and business meetings around the world. His engaging presentation style and practical advice on personal and professional development are captured and preserved in this friendly, easy-to-read book. Order your copy today!