"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

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Gerry Reid is a professional speaker, educator, consultant and author. He calls his company "Gerry Reid Speaking" because that is exactly what he does! His vision is "to help people live happier and more satisfying lives."

Thirty years with GM and IBM gives Gerry a wealth of large-scale business experience. His background includes positions in computer technology, management, marketing, product development, education and service organizations. For sixteen years (the last nine years, full-time), Gerry has devoted himself to speaking, writing and publishing.

Filled with practical and usable ideas, Gerry's motivational speeches, training workshops and educational seminars are content-rich and his delivery is natural, friendly and engaging. His expertise is in finding ways to balance a satisfying and rewarding career with personal contentment and happiness. He is the creator of the "A.S.K." model for maximizing personal and professional achievement - Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge.

Personally, Gerry Reid is a blend of philosopher and pragmatist, with an emphasis on discovering better ways to do things without destroying the fundamentals that created past successes. He is down-to-earth, up-on-business and level-with people and looking to a future filled with unlimited dreams, ideas and potential.

Gerry is the author of ASK for Success! Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge to Enhance Your Image and Maximize Your Potential published by Edwin Thomas & Sons. ASK for Success! presents strategies for coping with the pressures of staying employed, making a living and getting ahead, while simultaneously maintaining a happy and peaceful personal and family life.

Gerry also publishes the A.S.K.-Masters Newsletter via e-mail and maintains WWW.GERRYREID.COM as a source of ideas, tips, techniques, and motivation for his audiences. He walks his talk and believes, "When it comes to speakers, you deserve more than just talk. I give you MORE!"

For more than thirty-one years Gerry has been motivating, training and educating people. He has delighted audiences world-wide, having spoken or taught in 38 states and 14 countries over the last eighteen years.

"As I use my God-given abilities as a speaker and writer, I realize how blessed I am to be living my life's dream. I love inspiring, coaching, teaching and leading others to discover, for themselves, what they must do to live fully satisfying, rewarding and meaningful lives."

Additional Details and Insights about Gerry Reid

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