"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

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History: Excellence is a by-product of doing what you love.

From 1963 to 1976, I was with General Motors in Detroit, Michigan. I held a variety of positions in operations, programming, systems analysis and installation management for Photographic, Computer Research and Advanced Product Engineering divisions. I joined IBM in 1976, in Detroit, as a Systems Engineer. In 1978 I became a Technical Marketing Support Representative in Rochester, Minnesota. My last position with IBM was as a Senior Professional Development Instructor in Dallas, Texas. In addition to my IBM activities I was a part-time professional speaker and author from 1981 until 1993. At that time I voluntarily left IBM to pursue my dreams of expanding my part-time business into a full-time vocation. My first book, A.S.K. for Success became a reality in late 1994. My next book, Get Your A.S.K. in Gear, is in development.

Philosophy: Give more than you take.

I believe the world and the universe grow better when individuals contribute more to the overall system than they remove. I also believe that satisfaction and happiness in life is the result of three principles:

  • Displaying an active, positive Attitude of faith.
  • Continuously sharpening strategic Skills in the service of others.
  • Keeping kindled an insatiable desire and search for Knowledge.

Personal: Who ever dies with the most JOYS, wins!

I was born March 6, 1944 in Detroit, Michigan and married Pam (Mitchell, 10/3/??, my neighbor across the street in Berkley, Michigan) on June 25, 1966. We have two sons, Jonathan (7/24/69) and Jason (11/30/71), two daughters-in-law, Deanna (Jonathan’s) and Karla (Jason’s) and one grandson, Ethan Eliel, (Jonathan and Deanna’s) born 1/21/99. I am an active, liberal Christian (Lutheran, ELCA) and respect and enjoy learning about other beliefs. I strive to make decisions as Jesus would (WWJD).

Hobbies: I'm spending my children's inheritance (as soon as I am 60).

My hobbies include reading, writing (several more books to come), N-scale model railroading, the Internet, Star Trek (philosophy rather than technology), personal computing, desktop publishing, impressionistic art, music, piano, real trains, travel, weather and the study of the future.

Dreams and Realities: To love and be loved, to live long and prosper.

When I grow up, I want to be an accomplished, well known and sought-after author and speaker, and a great Grandfather.

I am . . .

  • A two-handicap golfer. One, I have no clubs. Two, I do not know how to play. ;-)
  • An acrobatic flyer. This means I fall down a lot on airplanes. :-]
  • A local office holder. That is, my office is in my home. :- }
  • An amateur guitar and piano player, and professional VCR player. :-*
  • A marathon winner. My wall is usually just before the 5th Big Mac. :=)
  • A model husband and father, until I learned: mod·el (ma-d’l) n. 1. a small imitation of the real thing. :-|
  • Going to Starfleet Academy on my next pass through this universe. Then, as now, I plan to "boldly speak about things no one has spoken about before!"

If you drop me a note or fax and say "Please send me a gift." - I will! One person was so bold as to write "Please send me a $20 bill!" I was so impressed that I did!

Address and Phone Number:

Gerry Reid Speaking
4333 Essex Court
Suite 105
Flower Mound, TX 
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