"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

How to Book Gerry Reid for Your Next Event.

Contact me in any of these ways:


E-mail to hi@gerryreid.com

Snail-Mail to
Gerry Reid Speaking
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Flower Mound, TX 75028-1769

Will you please help me in my networking?

"Word-of-mouth" references and this home page are the only advertising I do.

If your current position includes making decisions regarding the hiring of outside speakers or trainers, please allow me to talk with you. I would be delighted to send you complete information about the motivation, training and education services and products I offer.

If you are not the decision maker in these matters, would you be so kind to inform the appropriate person about Gerry Reid Speaking?

In my business, a personal reference is invaluable! Thank you! 

 Gerry Reid Speaking is here to serve you.- GERRY'S PICTURE GOES HERE -

You, your company, civic organization, religious or professional association can achieve more! How? By learning about innovative ways to:

  • Deal with and lead others through change.

  • Discover creative ways to enhance your business and your career.

  • Define ethics and integrity and assure personal and professional implementation.

  • Maximize personal happiness and gain a greater satisfaction in life

  • Improve personal and professional communication abilities. 

Give me a call, today!

Short story: A "potential" client once told me that the decision makers for an event had chosen someone else to be their speaker because they wanted a "big name speaker." I completely understood and sent them a specially printed card like the one to left with a note that next time they might want to select a "COLORFUL, BIG NAME" speaker, like GERRY REID. I was hired for their next event!