"I've always dreamed of being an old philosopher. So far I've achieved one out of two!"

Gerry Reid's Family Room

Welcome! Thanks for joining me here. As you can see there isn't much here as yet, but hang in there with me - this is where you can really get to know this ol' BSer!

Here's my best friend:

Pam and I celebrated our 38th anniversary on June 25, 2004!

We are very proud of this accomplishment. On our 25th anniversary I wrote a short article on BS for a great marriage. I hope you find it useful.

Our greatest accomplishment is the creation of our sons, Jonathan and Jason. ("Oh, thank you very much - it was my pleasure!") I hope to expand this family room to include more about them both.

What do you want on my pages? Do you have something to submit? Would you like your picture, writing, philosophy or whatever displayed on the Internet? As long as I have disk space available on my server, I'll help you "get on the net!"

Please, please, please - pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry! - Send me a note!