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This is my collection of stuff that make the rounds on the internet and the World Wide Web. Included are humor, stories, philosophy and other interesting (at least to me) tidbits. Your comments, submissions, suggestions, and reactions always welcome!  Newest stuff will have a "date posted" for a few weeks, so stop back often as see what's new!



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Twas the Night Before Y2K
  I changed about 75% of this.
  (In my humble opinion, it is much better than the anonymous original.)

If computer operating systems were airlines

Reflection: I've Learned . . .  
(According to the person who sent it to me.)

Once Upon a Time a Computer was . . .

Top Ten Signs Your Co-Worker is a Hacker

More Fun!

Shall we play a game?
 (Java required.)

Having a tough day?
  Consider yourself hugged!

Want to surf 'til you puke?
  The Grand Junction
 should keep you busy for months!

Interested in Biology of the Brain, Neural Networks, or Artificial Intelligence?
Visit The Mind and Machine Junction.

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